Our Mission

SmartER was founded in 2012 by a physician trained in clinical informatics. The company’s focus is on leveraging technology to automate patient-provider communication in ways that are effective, affordable, and easy to implement.

Our first solution, SmartContact addresses three distinct ambulatory medicine challenges that occur after emergency department and immediate care center visits, outpatient surgery/endoscopy procedures, and unscheduled primary care cases. 

1There is a next-day blind spot with discharged patients regarding wellbeing and experience. Nurse callbacks can close the gap though are cost-prohibitive. SmartContact deploys brief, electronic surveys typically completed on smartphones. This form of non-interruptive communication cuts cost by 90%.

2Paper CAHPS surveys (delivered by vendors like Press Ganey) have tremendous variability among providers. Most of the time, the percentile rank rises or falls by at least one and sometimes two quartiles each month. [reference] Conversely, SmartContact is adequately powered to accurately detect differences in individual physician performance.

3While monthly benchmarking drives success in process improvement, accessibility to healthcare data is often insufficient. SmartContact pushes actionable metrics regarding utilization, productivity, efficiency, and patient experience to individual providers after each shift and to medical directors each month.

SmartER has released two other solutions. SmartConcern boosts the experience of hospitalized patients and resultant HCAHPS scores. SmartControl reduces emergency department visits by “super users" and safely avoids admissions.


Tom obtained his undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science and worked as an applications programmer before entering medical school. He completed a residency at Northwestern and is board certified in emergency medicine and clinical informatics. Tom is a certified professional in both patient safety and patient experience. He is the ED chairperson for Edward Elmhurst Health, a Chicago-area healthcare system. Tom designed the first computerized emergency department patient callback system in 1996 for a high-volume, community hospital, which was praised by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Chief Operating Officer
PJ is a healthcare strategist and operations expert specializing in hospital-payer relationships. He holds a master’s degree in TQM. PJ is an excellent communicator and adept at identifying and solving problems in a creative, constructive, and team-oriented manner. He is well characterized as having intense energy, precision with detail and exceeding expectations.
Chief Experience Officer
Julie created the first PX department for a prestigious healthcare system. She is a Six Sigma Green Belt with expertise in behavioral modification and process change management. Julie has presented at many national PX conferences including Beryl, and Cleveland Clinic, Planetree and Press Ganey. She co-created G.R.E.A.T.™ (http://greatservicestandard.com), a nationally-recognized communication service standard.