SmartControl™  automates the workflow of case managers in their efforts to control resource over-utilizers. The system integrates with any EMR, identifies optimal care plan candidates and facilitates behavior modification in order to improve health outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs.

Frequent users are a mix of medically complex and psychologically fragile patients, alcohol and narcotic dependent individuals, and those that come for convenience. Focusing on this cohort prevents system overuse, excessive testing and avoidable admissions.

When an enrolled patient utilizes resources, SmartControl electronically notifies members of the patient’s care network — a primary physician and often a psychologist, social worker and family caregiver. The patient’s current care plan is shared and any necessary adjustments made. This system has received accolades from emergency department leaders, hospital administrators, case managers and primary care providers.

SmartControl™ incorporates analytics to measure acceleration or deceleration of visit frequency. Also, savings related to decreasing emergency department visits and hospital admissions are calculated to justify case management resources.


By Comments off 31st July 2017