After an ambulatory medicine encounter, a patient may experience new symptoms, rapid worsening, difficulty obtaining follow-up, a medication reaction, or a service delivery concern. This blind spot is most concerning after an emergency department or urgent care center visit. 

With SmartContact, patients are sent a brief, next-day survey to check on their wellbeing and uncover any issues. To understand the impact from the patient’s perspective, watch this video.

This system is low cost and simple to initiate. A limited set of data is extracted each morning and automatically uploaded to a secure, partitioned cloud server.

Patients receive a brief survey by text message (or email). Clinical or service concerns are relayed to appropriate staff members according to client decision rules. For the 2% of patients that report being worse after an emergency department visit, a return phone call sorts out who can avoid a return visit (95%) and who needs to return. Patients appreciate the attention and reassurance, actions that create loyalty.

The Active Issues Manager (AIM™) is an effective feedback loop for responding to aftercare gaps (e.g., a patient cannot get an appointment with a recommended specialist) or a service concern. Pre-built templates simplified the response process allowing misperceptions to be corrected before a grievance is filed.

Reports are sent to individual providers two days after each shift and include performance metrics and patient comments while the case is fresh in mind allow for reflection and self coaching. Monthly, statistically-valid satisfaction reports are used  to reliably drive improvement.

Text/Email Surveys

SMS (text message) and email gateways link into a secure portal that delivers the survey in the patient’s native language.

Using any device, users submit information about their medical condition and experience. Such communication is non-disruptive and inexpensive.

Click into the Smart-ER Demo box to enter your email address and receive two example patient surveys.

Callback Module

Any internet-ready computer becomes a virtual call center for your staff to contact patients that have not engaged electronically. Phone numbers are automatically dialed using an internet telephony (VoIP).

Since the questions are explicitly scripted and alerts are automatically sent, the callback staff requires no formal medical training.


Notification Alerts

When a patient reports an urgent medical concern or service complaint, built-in triggers will notify your staff in a variety of ways such a real-time email or fax. For less urgent issues, the item will be populated in the active issues manager (AIM™) module.

Issues are relayed to designated service line managers and directors in the specific manner each one prefers.


 AIM™ Module

The active issues manager (AIM™) module classifies and systematically routes responses to patients regarding aftercare questions and service compliments or complaints. Patient  are thanked for completing loops are closed in a matter of seconds. Prompt awareness and attention to patient concerns results in effective service recovery, optimal satisfaction metrics and strengthened loyalty.

Monthly Reports

Reports containing departmental demographics, assessment results, and staff performance are accessible to clients.

Clinical provider metrics include productivity, satisfaction and utilization. Each individual is compared to benchmarks. Worked hours and productivity of callback staff is tracked.

Customized analyses to satisfy specific business needs can be created.

Privacy, Security, Convenience

Smart-ER™ products comply with patient privacy and data security requirements defined by HIPAA and HITECH. Click here to view our HIPAA Privacy Policy.

Our cloud host has strict privacy controls, utilizes a vetted reporting mechanism, undergoes stringent audits, and is responsive to concerns. Client information is segregated on a single-tenant server and protected with multiple-layer passwords and strict authentication processes. Data integrity is assured by 256-bit SSL encryption and server authentication with extended validation certificates. The system is functional across multiple platforms including tablets and smart phones.

Clients have access to 24/7 technical support.