SmartContact is an automated patient engagement solution that uncovers wellbeing and service issues in patients sent home after an outpatient encounter (e.g., emergency department, urgent care, or same day surgery). The system was designed by a practicing emergency physician (watch his video) and deemed an Innovation of the Year in 2014 (overall) and 2017 (provider shift report). It has been demonstrated to improve departments from average to high satisfaction scores.

SmartContact was designed by a practicing emergency physician (watch his video). It was featured in Quality Innovations in Acute and Emergency Care (2017) and it was written up in the in the Journal of Emergency Nursing (2015) in an article entitled Discharge Texting: The Evolution of ED Callbacks. Watch a segment of Megan Ranney’s 2018 ACEP 2018 presentation on ‘Must Know Digital Health for Emergency Physicians.’

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AIM Module

With urgent issues, built-in alerts immediately notify staff. Non-urgent issues are populated in the Active Issues Manager (AIM™) allowing your team to send a patient response in an average of 15 seconds.

Callback Module

A virtual call center can be used to contact patients telephone. With scripted questions and automated alerts, the callback staff require no formal medical training.


A shift summary is pushed to providers two days after each shift and includes performance metrics and patient comments. Monthly reports provide medical directors the metrics required to drive improvement.


SmartER products comply with patient privacy and data security requirements defined by HIPAA and HITECH. Click here to view our HIPAA Privacy Policy.

Our cloud host has strict privacy controls, utilizes a vetted reporting mechanism, undergoes stringent audits, and is responsive to concerns. Client information is segregated on a single-tenant server and protected with multiple-layer passwords and strict authentication processes. Data integrity is assured by 256-bit SSL encryption and server authentication with extended validation certificates. The system is functional across multiple platforms including tablets and smart phones.

Clients have access to 24/7 technical support.