SmartControl leverages an evidence-based solution that cuts ED overutilization in half. It automates case manager workflows and care team communication.

SmartControl identifies care plan candidates and organizes a care network – e.g., the patient’s PCP, specialist, psychologist, social worker and family caregiver. Care plan templates are available for typical scenarios.

Once an enrolled patient visits the ED, an alert is immediately relayed to the ED team so that information is available at the time of the initial evaluation. Also, the patient’s care network is made aware of the visit.

New opportunities are identified after a client-defined utilization threshold is reached. Savings related to controlling visits/admissions far exceeds the cost of the case manager and SmartControl subscription.

Security and Support

SmartER products comply with patient privacy and data security requirements defined by HIPAA and HITECH. Click here to view a summary. Our clients have 24/7 access to technical support.